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BONUS 1   The Affiliate Dilemma

When deciding whether or not you’re going to do business with someone, you should think like an employer. This training will teach you what to look for when allowing someone to promote your products.

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BONUS 2   The Marketing Mindset

When it comes to internet marketing it's important to have a marketing mindset. Here we'll discuss how important mindset is to be successful not only in internet marketing but in all walks of life.

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BONUS 3   Assembling A Business Funnel

If you’re going to make money long term, it’s not about any one particular sales funnel. It’s about your entire business funnel. We'll discuss in this training why having an end game is very important.

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BONUS 4   Step-By-Step Bonus Creation

When promoting products as an affiliate, it's always best to create incentives for your subscribers to purchase through your affiliate link. Let us take you through our process step by step through this.

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BONUS 5   Target Flow

Three day promotions can be VERY successful if done properly. Learn to do things that aren't common in the industry and actually get a lot of people to raise an eyebrow when they see someone do it.

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